Frank Zito, Tamma, For Ralphus (For Ralphus)
Natacha Dinatelli, Shout out to Saddam
do it, (laughing)

[Hook Necro]
White slavery when bitches get put under seige
shoved into a van and kidnapped right from the street
never to be seen again by any of their peeps
just a victim buried deep in the world of creeps
who roam through alleyways accociating with freaks
you'll never be found but cops will be searching for weeks
looking for leaks, hoping somebody speaks
while your brain is washed and your memory they delete

[Verse 1 Ill Bill]
Woman need to be loved, injected with needles and drugs
subjected to torture and kidnapped they need to succumb
it's proven, I feed em dog food, they prefer human
make 'em savagely beat each other bloody for my amusement
It's all fun and games, I keep 'em handcuffed in chains
sexually make 'em do the most disgusting things
starve 'em to cannibals, make 'em eat each others brains
changed and deranged, stores begin to seem like nothings strange
while retarded acquaintances get
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