С корабля идущего в бангладеш, над индийским океаном HD

Видео Shomuddro Bilash DID ANY ONE OTHER NOTICED THIS UNUSUAL MYSTERIOUS LIGHT ON THE SKY, OR WE ARE THE ONLY WITNESSES!!!? On the 12th March 2021, while our ship was in Indian ocean sailing towards Bangladesh, we saw a mysterious light show on the night sky for 20 minutes around 2000 hrs (0800 pm) Our 3rd mate called me and told me about it and to bring my camera to photograph the moment I went to bridge a minute later There were also other people on the bridge including our Captain and Chief Engineer We all saw the same thing The Captain sir was the 1st one who noticed the light I saw it 2 3 minutes later as the 1st picture on the video But our captain sir said, initially when he saw it, it was more smaller and much brighter I started to capture a timelapse with 1s exposure and 1 second interval and record 400 photos as you can see it was glowing and expanding in the timelapse, easily visible in naked eye at night
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